Sociocultural Walking Tour - The real face of Budapest

Are you interested in learning more about Budapest behind visiting the ruin bars and the main touristical sights? This tour was made for you! Sociocultural Walking Tour Budapest The stops and the topics are the following ones:   Uránia cinema (introduction, basic history of Budapest)  Klauzal square (the history of the Jewish quarter) Dob street (Party district, changes in the city center within the last 10 years) Egyetem square (Old downtown, universities) Mikszáth square (a vibrant art area and the district of Palaces) Horváth Mihály tér (the famous Joe City, equality and inequality, financial problems, roma people) Szigony street (communism, communist architechture, poverty) Corvin passage (modern architecture, gentrification)   Then closing: beer possibillity, conversation all together about what we've seen.

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Tour on the Bartók Béla boulevard

Bartók Béla Boulevard has been listed as one of the coolest neighborhood worldwide by Time Out magazine in 2019  By taking this tour we'll bring you to the culturally buzzing Bartók Béla Boulevard in Buda side, and we'll tell you the key information to completely understand and learn the most of the neighborhood. Normally you'd see windows and coffee places, but you can be sure, we'll make you excited about those windows by telling secrets and interesting stories of them. What is for sure, after finishing the tour, you wont be feeling you are done with the area, more like the opposite: you'll feel it had just started! Let's go together to Bartók Béla boulevard! We'll show you:  about 5 galleries middle eastern restaurant balkan restaurant craft shop and winery about 3-4 literature focused coffehouses  polish bar 3 important statues traditional hungarian food place 2 wine bars vegan teahouse one of the coolest hipster coffeehouse best interiror designed bar & restaurant mexican taqueria one of the best bakery vegan foodplace craft beer bar garden restaurant +1 surprise We'll provide you the most useful informations to enjoy the atmosphere, just as the food & drinks on the Bouleavard and also we'll educate you of the history of the neighborhood and the meaning of the statues. At the end: we go together to grab a beer to discuss our common experience!:) We recommend you to take this tour if you like: -food -wine -arts -history -culture -music -coffee -literature -craft beers -vegan  

Visit in Budapest's Chinatown

Have you ever immagined that there is a neighhboorhood in Budapest what offers the real chinese culture to its visitors? Why to book this tour? You'll have the chance to get to know the perspective and the story of the chinese community living in Budapest. We'll show you a chinese christian church, a chinese karaoke bar and its business meeting rooms (like in the movies!), a chinese hospital, you'll have the chance to have a look into a chinese restaurant's kitchen, and we'll meet the people living in this interesting community. you can choose beetween 15 authentic restaurants to eat, and we'll tell you all neccesary information to choose the best one for you. you can be sure you will receive a very interesting chinese experience in the heart of Budapest! 

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Cooking Class & Dinner

Learn here and cook anywhere Learn how to cook Hungary's world-famous dishes with ingredients that you can buy anywhere around the globe! Amazing culinary experience We are a cooking school with an emphasis on creating a friendly workshop atmosphere in smaller groups and providing a hands-on cooking experience. Learn how to easily prepare real Hungarian home food - also for cooking beginners! Learn about Hungary Trace the roots of Hungarian cuisine back in time through different regions, learn a lot about Hungarian history, social life and traditions. Find out what not to miss, where to dine during your stay in our small, but culturally very diverse country! We regret to say that we are not able to offer this activity for one person only. Q: Are courses held every day?   A: Yes, we hold courses every day but it’s necessary to book at least 24 hours in advance. NEXT COOKING CLASS: 2020 SUMMER  

Raclette party

Raclette party in Budapest Garden Hostel Would you like to try the feeling of the real swiss-french Raclette party? Why not a bit of melted cheese surrounded by grilled veggies? Sounds yummy, yeah? The Raclette party is a perfect choice for a group of minumum 2 and maximum 6 people and gives you a 2-3 hours of food and community experience. By booking this event, you only have to come and the party is started! All the food (cheese, 6 different vegetables, potato, bagett) are included in the price, just as a bottle of wine / 2 people. The event is held in Budapest Garden Hostel. Click here to Contact us to make a reservation   Q: I'd like to make a Raclette party on Monday. Is it possible? A: Yes, its possible to make it happen any evening but it’s necessary to book at least 24 hours in advance.

Hiking in the forrest & view over Budapest

If you are thinking to make a trek arround Budapest, we offer you a perfect program to cover your needs. We'll go to the forrests in Buda mountains to reach the lookout point to have a view over the city, but on the way we'll stop for a picnic in a nice small glade and all the details are on us! You'll be surrounded by the mother nature and we'll visit the childrens train just as the chairlift of the hill.  The hiking is about 3-4 hours in total. If you want to go on a longer trek, please feel free to contact us! You can book the tour directly on our webpage, no inquiry is neccesary. We'll contact you after the reservation was made to discuss the details and the meeting point.

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Wine tasting in an autentic winery near Budapest

With a number of vineyards and world famous grapes, Hungary is a great destination for anyone looking to enjoy some quality local wine. By taking this tour we'll bring you out of Budapest to show you an authentic wine region. We are offering 4 types of wine to try, and our host will show us arround in the winery and in the meantime he'll provide all the information how the wine was made about.  For sure a must for wine lovers!  

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Wine tasting in the Garden

Wine tasting in Budapest Garden Hostel (The event is open for non-guests too)   4 types of hungarian wine on the table coming from a well known local winery We also provide snacks for the event. Drinking and tasting wine is always fun in a company, but even more when being outdoors. We offer you the real Garden-party experience while providing quality wine and all neccesary information about the products.  Can you immagine anything better for a summer night then having some relaxing music and nice wine outdoors?   We regret to say that we are not able to offer this activity for one person only. Q: Is the event held every day? A: Yes, we have the event available every day but it’s necessary to book at least 24 hours in advance.

Streetfood by the Danube (Bike tour)

This tour takes you out from the crowded city center and shows you one of the nicest hidden gem of Budapest: Római-part, where you can enjoy the closeness of the Danube river without being disturbed by any cars or a bunch of people. Római part is famous about its streetfood opportunities, and stylish small bars. It is about 1 hour biking from the center. The tour usually takes 3-4 hours, easily accesible for anyone. No high biking skills neccesary.  Why to choose this tour? -Római is only our final destination but we'll be biking in the center first and check some of the nicest bike lanes along the Danube.  -in Római area (what is a pretty big passage) we'll show you the best spots to eat according to your taste and the nicest bars to chill. -because biking is fun! biking in foreign countries is even more fun! Please contact us in case you need more information!

Best beers of Budapest

Sample some of Budapest’s best beer while discovering up-and-coming neighbourhoods and parts of the city that few tourists visit. Bond with other beer drinkers as you sip local brews in unique bars and breweries, sample local snacks, and see for yourself why Budapest is becoming such a great beer-drinking destination.

Best international & local streetfood

Budapest tour - with the very best quality of streetfood - on reasonable prices - no tourist traps - hidden places - best recommendations what to choose.

Ticket to Széchenyi Spa

Szechenyi Baths (built in 1913) is the most visited and much praised attraction in Budapest: relaxing, fun, affordable and, at night, romantic. In addition to the marvelous medicinal natural hot spring waters in the 18 pools, there are 10 saunas / steam cabins, several massage therapies, facial treatments, and more. Come and enjoy your time in Budapest in Szechenyi Spa Baths, in a beautiful, richly decorated palace. The perfect place to chill out, to get to know locals, make business deals and fall in love. You can book your tickets directly with us!