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We started organising tours while working in different Hostels, and we first made our 'Sociocultural Walking Tour' to happen in 2017, mostly influenced by Balázs's trip in Albania back in 2016, where he had the chance to geet deep in different political and social conversations in the Hostel where he was working at. While running our first official tours, we were making uncountable 'unofficial' events for the guests of the Hostels what we still keep doing for fun. We love to be arround people and we love to show them our city and discuss interesting topics. We also love biking in the city! So any moment, we spend with our guests guiding in the city feels not like a work but as an amazing time! With the history of our business, we went on the next level in 2019 when we first offered a wide range of activities including cultural & bike tours, wine tastings, food events and so on! So, now we are here! Please, get to know us:


Our team:


Joli, tour guide


Elena, graphic designer


Balázs, co-founder, tour guide


Florian, co-founder


Shayan, tour guide


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