Private tour with a Tour guide

From HUF 8'500

Hey everyone! I'm Balázs, one of the tourguides, a traveller with a passion to foreign cultures; gastronomy and music.

During this tour I will show you a bit more alternative face of the city, what you could not see on the normal sightseeing tours, I will also speak a bit of politics/history if you'd like to hear about it, but rather I will try to give a local perspective of the city and daily life and not to keep you guys as an outsider 'visitor'. For a bit of time you'll feel like a local for sure! I will show you a few places to get quality food for a reasonable price, can be hungarian cuisine, streetfood, vegeterian/vegan or any international food, up to your taste! We'll speak a bit about bars, changes, overtourism, and of course I will also show you some alternatives compared to the big tourist bars!

The tour usually takes beetween 4-5 hours.

From HUF 8'500

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