Streetfood by the Danube (Bike tour)

From HUF 8'000

This tour takes you out from the crowded city center and shows you one of the nicest hidden gem of Budapest: Római-part, where you can enjoy the closeness of the Danube river without being disturbed by any cars or a bunch of people.
Római part is famous about its streetfood opportunities, and stylish small bars.

It is about 1 hour biking from the center.

The tour usually takes 3-4 hours, easily accesible for anyone. No high biking skills neccesary. Of course we provide you the bikes!

Why to choose this tour?

-Római is only our final destination but we'll be biking in the center first and check some of the nicest bike lanes along the Danube. 
-in Római area (what is a pretty big passage) we'll show you the best spots to eat according to your taste and the nicest bars to chill.
-because biking is fun! biking in foreign countries is even more fun!

From HUF 8'000

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