Tour on the Bartók Béla boulevard

From HUF 8'000

Bartók Béla Boulevard has been listed as one of the coolest neighborhood worldwide by Time Out magazine in 2019 

By taking this tour we'll bring you to the culturally buzzing Bartók Béla Boulevard in Buda side, and we'll tell you the key information to completely understand and learn the most of the neighborhood. Normally you'd see windows and coffee places, but you can be sure, we'll make you excited about those windows by telling secrets and interesting stories of them.

What is for sure, after finishing the tour, you wont be feeling you are done with the area, more like the opposite: you'll feel it had just started!

Let's go together to Bartók Béla boulevard!

We'll show you: 

about 5 galleries
middle eastern restaurant
balkan restaurant
craft shop and winery
about 3-4 literature focused coffehouses 
polish bar
3 important statues
traditional hungarian food place
2 wine bars
vegan teahouse
one of the coolest hipster coffeehouse
best interiror designed bar & restaurant
mexican taqueria
one of the best bakery
vegan foodplace
craft beer bar
garden restaurant

+1 surprise

We'll provide you the most useful informations to enjoy the atmosphere, just as the food & drinks on the Bouleavard and also we'll educate you of the history of the neighborhood and the meaning of the statues.

At the end: we go together to grab a beer to discuss our common experience!:)

We recommend you to take this tour if you like:
-craft beers

From HUF 8'000

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We'll discover the most important part of the street while sharing unique storyes of the area and discovering some hidden spots. We'll provide the best recommendations for food, drinks and coffees, and at the end we'll go and get our beer together and finish the walk with a discussion.


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